Confetti Potatoes


10 (small) Potatoes

2-Red, 2-White, 2-Purple, 2-Russet and 2-Sweet

2 cups of blended mild cheddar & Monterey jack Shredded cheese

1 Tbl. of Garlic Lover?s Garlic per layer of potatoes

1 lb. of  butter or margarine

1 deep Pyrex dish with cover


Wash potatoes leaving the skin on, cut each potato into quarters.  In a large bowl, toss your medley of potatoes until they are well blended like confetti.  Then slice your butter or margarine in thin squares placing 5 to 6  slices on the bottom of your Pyrex dish.  Place in your 1st layer of potatoes, just enough to cover the bottom, then sprinkle in your Garlic Lover's Garlic, sprinkle over a thin layer of cheese.  Now start your 2nd layer same process sliced margarine, potatoes, Garlic Lover's Garlic & cheese.  You should end up with no more than 3 layers.  Cover dish with top not foil.  Bake at 350 degrees for 1-hour.

Now that's a party!