Provence Turkey with Caribbean Glaze


4 oz. Oregon Flavor Rack's Herb de Provence One Jumbo jar

1 bottle Caribbean Sunshine (14 oz)

2 TBS Canola Oil

4 Fuji apples cut into quarters


Wash turkey thoroughly then dry completely, using clean kitchen towel.   Next rub oil "All over" turkey then fill the turkey cavity with apples.

Season under the skin as much and as deep as possible.  Then season the  outside of the turkey completely covering the skin.

Then bake turkey at 380 degrees for 3-4 hours

Remove turkey from the oven and drizzle on Caribbean Sunshine

Your Thanksgiving turkey is complete


This recipe can be used with a whole chicken as well, just reduce  amounts used Herb de Provence to 1 oz., oil to 1 tsp. and apples to 2, and baking time to 1 hour.